Why Get a Cloud Certificate in Data Engineering?

Best way to acquire Data Engineering Skillset


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Learn the core concepts of data engineering to seek a job with professional data engineering skills, which will be in demand in 2022. Find which course suits you the best!

What can you earn with a professional certificate?


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A professional certificate allows you to prepare for your upcoming job and gain skills that will be adequate to secure a job and make a mark in the industry. These courses are based on developing skills rather than reading relevant theories. Once the program is completed, you will acquire a certification that will help you to secure a job after completion of projects. Also, you will gain relevant experience in the field, which allows you to kick start your career with a bang!

Professional Data Engineering Certification

A professional data engineering certification allows you to identify the core concepts of Big Data and Machine Learning. It enables you to understand the employment of BigQuery for interactive insights of data.

With this professional data engineer course, you will migrate existing workloads of SQL and Hadoop to a Cloud. It will also help to use various data processing techniques to engineer data.

Different options for certification

First, you need to select the type of certification that you require! Different cloud providers have learning and certification tracks of their own. Sharing certification tracks for top 3 public cloud providers that provide certification around data engineering skillset

  1. AWS
  2. Azure
  3. Google

These are different service providers, efficiently, and you can select the certification according to your preference.

I personally have started preparing for Google Cloud Professional Data Engineer Certification

One of the best parts of choosing Google is the exposure to ML and AI capabilities which are way more advance than other cloud providers. Also, the learning track involves hands-on labs which helps you get accustomed to solving real-life problems.

Responsibilities of Data Engineering

A data engineer works to process/engineer data for operations and analytical purposes. The data engineer then cleanses the data and structure the data so that it can be used analytically. One of the significant responsibilities of a data engineer is to make the data easier to handle and optimize the Big Data Ecosystem within the organization. Here are some organizations that use Big Data insights for their organization, and you can become a part of them:

1) Uber 2) Netflix 3) Starbucks 4) BDO 5) T-mobile 6) Facebook 7) Spotify 8) Amazon

Most popular companies and organizations are using data analytics to provide their customers with relevant results. Taking a Cloud certification can be the first step towards your dream job.

Why to study for a certification?

A certification helps you to stand out from other candidates who are applying for a job. It also enables you to secure an appointment if you are a fresher or even allows you to get promotions! Yes, if you want job promotions, then you are on the right track.

Best way to acquire Data Engineering Skillset

A professional data engineering certification is one of the best ways to land in the data engineer space. Most importantly, you will earn hands-on data engineering skills rather than a degree with theoretical knowledge.

Here is how you can prepare for a professional data engineer certification.

Preparing for a Google Data Engineering Certification

If you are interested in a video version for preparation check out this youtube video

It is necessary to prepare for the professional data engineering exam to help you achieve a certification that will lead to a data engineering career. This Google Cloud Certification will examine the following abilities:

  • Design a data processing system
  • Solution Quality
  • Can you operationalize the machine learning models?
  • Can you build a data processing system?

If you are interested in what a job scope for a data engineer will look like, check out this job post from google . This should also give a sneak peek of A day in life of data engineer

Complete Exam Guide for Google Cloud Certification

Follow this complete exam guide for Google Cloud Certifications.


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  1. You need to prepare to design the data processing system, which includes the mapping and storage systems and the business requirements, creating the data pipelines, and the schema designs. Also, it will consist of publishing data and data visualization, which is BigQuery.

  2. You will also design the data processing solutions by considering some factors like infrastructure, system availability, fault tolerance, use of distributed systems.

  3. You should also migrate the data, which is the phase of data warehousing and data processing.

  4. You will need to build and operationalize the data processing systems for the storage and management of data.

  5. You will need to operationalize the machine learning models to deploy (ML pipeline), ingest data, and continuously evaluate it.

  6. Lastly, you will ensure the security and reliability of the solution.

For more details check out the official exam guide from Google

Certification Learning Path

Google Cloud Certification Learning Path

Google itself provides an entirely well-designed learning path that includes various videos, and you can get a hand on experience and apply all the concepts of the course simultaneously.

The Google Cloud Certification course costs around $39, which will allow you to build a career and help you secure a job once you are certified. Cloud Services you need to cover!

You will also need to cover the cloud services, including the core functional concepts of storage, ingestion, analytics, machine learning, and serving data solutions.

With this guide, you will get the Google Cloud certification in no time, and you will enjoy the perks of this certification real soon, take a step and change your data game today!


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Google Certified Professional Data Engineer from AcloudGuru from Tim Berry

Acloudguru previously known as Linux Academy. According to the website, the primary focus of this course is to prepare you for the GCP Professional Data Engineer certification exam.

Along the way you’ll solidify your foundations in data engineering and machine learning, ensuring that by the end of the course you will be able to design and build data processing solutions, operationalize machine learning models and gain a working knowledge of relevant GCP data processing tools and technologies.


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This brings us to the end of the article. Now, you can prepare for the professional data engineer certification that will change your job-seeking experience, and you can avail the best opportunities by gaining this certification. You can choose from multiple varieties of options and select the best certification for your career path to becoming a data engineer. It is always a good option to choose a certification that will add skills to your skillset and help different organizations to hire you instead of other candidates. The best part is that you will outweigh others in the job search.